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Job Search Database

Job searching is a job. Seriously.

It can get overwhelming quickly as the applications and people you communicate with pile up. With this free resource, I'm hoping to help mitigate some of that buildup.

Staying organized throughout your job application process can help you stay on top of your goal of landing a job. When you know where you are, you can figure out the steps of where to go next. 

With this Notion database, you'll get access to essentials tools to help you on your search like

  • Resume Builder

  • Recruiter + Hiring Manager Outreach

  • Application Tracker

  • Company Directory

  • Journal

  • Job Resource Center

  • Journaling Log

This resource is meant to be supplementary to your job search and it doesn't work unless you do. Try it out totally free (Notion is free to try as well). 

Good luck with your job search!

  • 7 Notion Pages and 1 Integrated Job Search Database


Job Search Database

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